MindfulWe Podcast – Episode 7: Body Scan Meditation

Have you ever considered that this vessel that encapsulates who we are inside and intimately accompanies us 24/7 is our soul-mate?This physical body that holds and protects our emotional and mental being – our soul.

Just as our soul is filled with abundant knowledge and wisdom, so is our body. Have you ever stopped to pay attention to what it has to offer or tell you?

I usually recommend the body scan to clients, so they can increase awareness of their body sensations. On a daily basis, people are so preoccupied in the mind with their “to-do” checklist that they are not aware of how their body is reacting to everything.
For example, I know for myself when I was in university and writing an essay or report, and at that time hated writing, my shoulders would somehow end up by my ears. If you try this for yourself right now, you know this is not a relaxing posture!
I had no idea my shoulders were going up while I was writing. I was completely mindless of this happening within my body because I was so pre-occupied in my mind. Our body is constantly responding to external and internal cues all the time.

The body scan is a great way to tune in, and increase body awareness which has the potential for so many wonderful benefits (ex. reduce stress and anxiety, decrease physical pain, and better sleep). Going back to my shoulder example, when I started to become aware of my shoulders and then intentionally release them, I felt relief. I felt a reduction in my own anxiety in that moment. When you get a message from your body, and listen and tend to its needs, your aligning your internal soul and external body. You become in sync with yourself.

Could you imagine the feeling and possibilities when you’re in-sync with your soul-mate?

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