MindfulWe Podcast – Episode 4: Guided Meditation on Worthiness, with Bilateral stimulation

Here we go! Listen with headphones!!

This is a guided meditation on Worthiness that includes bilateral stimulation and the 8D effect. So many humans have a hard time accepting, believing, and knowing that they are worthy and deserve all things good. Regardless of the events that lead you to this belief, NOW is your time to change this. Transform this belief to “I am Worthy”! This meditation will take you through affirmations of worthiness while alternating the sound between your right and left ear, deepening these intentions and signing worthiness into the cells of your body.

*Please note* While I am incredibly excited for this addition, and for most people the experience is going to be relaxing, and perfectly safe. It is a direct sensory stimulation of the nervous system, so I do not recommend this for folks that are hypersensitive to sensory stimuli (ex. Acquired brain injury, migraine sufferers, complex PTSD, DID).

Enjoy the experience!

Please feel free to email me any comments/feedback to mindfulwe.te@gmail.com

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